We are COGVIO, a Czech company of ~25 professionals building our own digital products that automate complex tasks for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products help companies with medicine pricing and access to markets all over the world (EU, Canada, Gulf). Our software is used by 8 out of 10 biggest pharma companies in the Czech republic, incl. MSD, Novartis, Pfizer, etc.

Technically, we are building a Data Mesh platform that connects 200+ global sources of pricing and reimbursement data and delivers a new level of insights to our customers.

Who are we looking for?

Somebody with strong tech and leadership skills who will identify with the company vision. Somebody who will become a new leader of a team of 8 developers. Somebody who helps COGVIO to further grow on global markets.

You will work directly with the CEO, participate in the strategy and objectives creation and execution.


  • Builders mindset without lifestyle startup BS.
  • A self-motivated team of professionals with backgrounds in diverse startups (e.g. GoodData, DameJidlo, Smartlook, Rohlik.cz, Kiwi.com).
  • Our founders Pavel Svítil, Tomáš Doležal, and Petr Bartoš have both deep domain expertise, and a successful track record. We are self-invested and have bootstrapped to the current scale.
  • Code quality assured with strict static analysis and code reviews.


  • Impact. Pharmaceutical companies, regulators, and health insurance companies have the same goal - to enable access to medicines for patients. The way it happens is complex and all stakeholders need to find common ground. We work for all the stakeholders and help to facilitate the process. At the end of the day, our work actually helps patients.
  • True remote. We're remote-first and as long as you have a working internet connection, we don't care where you work from! We will need you to be able to sync up with us with the occasional video call, but apart from that, pick whatever timezone you want. You can work from offices in Prague or Brno if you want to.
  • Diverse work. You'll be leading the work on a variety of products so there is no chance you'll get bored.
  • Growth. We are a small Czech company at the beginning of our journey. And if you stay, you get a share of a company as well (ESOP).

We won‘t be the best in the industry without a great team. We offer you:

  • Competitive salary (900 - 1000 CZK/h, negotiable)
  • ESOP (employee stock option program)
  • Negotiable vacation - 5 weeks minimum for senior level
  • Our own contracted coffee roastery
  • MacBook or similar

What else should you know?

Our former VPE Filip Procházka would be at your disposal for several months to help with the onboarding. Filip decided to take a different direction in his career but he deeply cares about the company and business continuity. We prefer to be transparent in this.


  • Leadership. You’ll be leading the whole team of engineers, including their personal development and hiring.
  • Strong web development background. Our main tech stack is based on Java and most of our apps are web Single-Page applications in React, backed by the REST API in Spring Boot.
  • Data background. Since we’re building primarily a data platform, having experience with this domain is strongly preferred.
  • Mentoring the team. We expect you to become the inspiration for new team members, scale our teams, and lead them to success and help to maintain a healthy company culture.

Do you want to make a real impact in the pharmaceutical industry, work for a company that fights for open data and helps Czech startups be more successful? Join us!

Send your CV to joinus@cogvio.com

(You don't have to actually send a CV - links to your Linkedin/Personal website/Blog or simply Hi is good enough of a start - but the more info you give us the better).

Didn’t find the opportunity you were looking for?

We are always looking for talented generalists who would like to shape the digital future of pharma and healthcare with the same passion and enthusiasm as we do.

Reach out and tell us why we would be a great team together: joinus@cogvio.com

Our clients



Price Monitor is an AI-powered digital tool that integrates 100+ global sources of pricing/reimbursement/HTA data and provides market access and pricing insights.