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What will you be working on?

We’re building our own products that automate bureaucracy and complex tasks for pharma and innovate healthcare. You could join any of the following projects:

  • Data Mesh Platform. An internal distributed data infrastructure for various domains owned by independent cross-functional teams and data product owners that enables us to host, prep, standardize, and serve data assets for our other products.
  • Price Monitor. Insights and analysis for Pricing teams. Helps our clients with drug launches, strategical decisions, and price management during the whole product life-cycle. A powerful tool for competitor intelligence, international reference pricing (IRP), negotiation with health insurance payer, and price erosion control.
  • Market Access Monitor. Targets Market Access & Pricing teams. Presents complex information about medical products and administrative proceedings on a national level.
  • Market Intelligence Tool. An AI-powered and fully automated information hub full of market intelligence micro-analysis under user's fingerprints generated from pharma open data and ready to integrate proprietary data sources easily. A competition information platform that includes automation of recurring and ad-hoc reports, in all-device ready web-based access with easy collaboration.
  • Patient Registry. Universal patient registries system. Enables monitoring of specialized treatments and medical studies.
  • Patient Advocacy. Aims to help inform the public to enable and promote more affordable and efficient healthcare. otevrenezdravotnictvi.cz and other projects
  • And more...

Who are we looking for?

Somebody who cares. You care that customers get the value they are paying for. You care that the product is usable and reasonably performant. You care that the CI build is green. You care that the code you write will be a basis for a long and prosperous product lifetime and therefore it has to be maintainable for years to come. You care about your own growth and welcome the challenge of having to learn new technologies. You care about doing your job well.

We don’t want just anybody who knows the syntax and will come to the office from 9-5. We want a colleague that will challenge us and point out when something is inefficient or plain wrong. Somebody that will learn and grow with us. This doesn’t mean you have to be a senior or have a Ph.D. If you’re a junior developer, simply having the hunger to learn is good enough.

We are friends and fitting in our culture is an important part, but we won’t shame you into giving up weekends and hobbies because “that’s what family does”. We’re remote-first and most of our interactions happen on Slack or on a video chat, so if you send a meme about a microphone not working during a video conference or something like that with your CV, you get a bonus point :)

(You don’t have to actually send a CV - links to your Github/Linkedin/Personal website/Blog are good enough - but the more info you give us the better)

Our tech stack

  • Languages: Java 11, Kotlin, TypeScript
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Hibernate, React with hooks, Parcel, Cypress
  • Databases: Postgres (plain and Aurora), Elasticsearch
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, GitLab

The first thing we do on every new project is to automate. We automate build, running tests, quality checks, linting, deployment, and everything else. So when you work on a project, you’re creating branches with Git, pushing them to our Gitlab, creating merge requests, receiving/giving code reviews and automation helps with the rest, including deployment.

Deployment usually means blue/green deployment into AWS ECS of a docker image build in Gitlab-CI or packaging and updating an AWS Lambda. By the time you start working here, we might even have Terraform in place (and if not you can help with it, if that interests you).

Metrics are pushed to AWS CloudWatch and logs to Papertrail. We’re considering using ELK+Prometheus+Grafana for monitoring and logs, but we haven’t decided yet and might just use NewRelic instead.


  • Communication. Since we're remote-first, it's vital that you'll be able to work responsibly even without a boss breathing down your neck, independently if need be, and regularly reporting progress. With great freedom comes great responsibility. This is simpler if you choose to work from our offices, but even then you'll be required to be able to communicate with other remote people.
  • Strong web development background. Most of our apps are web Single-Page applications backed by REST API and we're looking into gradually migrating those that aren't.
  • Both Java and TypeScript. If you actually have some Java/Kotlin/JVM experience, that's awesome, but many of us are former PHP developers that switched to Java and it worked out just fine.
  • Both Spring boot and React. But if you know Symfony, Nette, Ruby on Rails, Django, or basically any MVC framework, it's good enough and we will help you get up to speed.
  • Git. You have to be able to rebase with the grace of a Russian ballet dancer, but don't worry, we can teach you.
  • PostgreSQL. You should be able to diagnose an EXPLAIN faster than I can say Erbsenzähler, but if you at least know how to write SELECTs and what are indexes for, that's enough for starters.
  • Docker. You should be able to at least start a local database in a docker container from docker-compose.yml, but if you also know how to build your own Dockerfiles, that is a nice bonus.
  • AWS. We expect you to gradually learn at least the basics of "the cloud" and eventually able to at least reason about AWS services, buckets, lambdas, etc. Initially, you'll probably be doing just development, but if you know anything about AWS, we are hungry for any knowledge you can share with us.


  • Impact. We probably won't "save the planet", but our work actually helps people. Thanks to our PriceMonitor, we're helping to make medicine cheaper. Thanks to our patient registry, we're helping to keep track of innovative medicines, making them safer. Thanks to our Market Access Monitor, we're helping to get new medicine to the market faster.
  • Smart colleagues. You'll have people to learn from and people to teach what you know.
  • Clean code. We're very proud of the quality of our software. It's not perfect, but we can objectively say it's way above average.
  • True remote. We're remote-first and as long as you have a working internet connection, we don't care where you work from! We will need you to be able to sync up with us with the occasional video call, but apart from that, pick whatever timezone you want.
  • Offices. Our offices are simple, but they're there if you prefer to work with your pants on. And you can work from all of our offices, anywhere in the entire world! So far we're only in Prague and Brno, but hey, you never know :)
  • Diverse work. Are you sick of writing API endpoints? That's not all we do here. You'll be also regularly improving our ETL data pipeline. You might even have the opportunity to play with the machine learning model for cleaning structured data, that we're working on right now - it's not just a buzzword on our conference booth, we're actually experimenting with sane applications of machine learning.


Send us your CV: joinus@cogvio.com. We are looking forward to answering all your questions.

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We are always looking for talented generalists who would like to shape the digital future of pharma and healthcare with the same passion and enthusiasm as we do.

Reach out and tell us why we would be a great team together: joinus@cogvio.com

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Price Monitor is an AI-powered digital tool that integrates 100+ global sources of pricing/reimbursement/HTA data and provides market access and pricing insights.