Decisive Consulting partners with COGVIO to deliver unique projects in pharmaceutical pricing

Decisive Consulting serves a variety of clients ranging from global pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotech organizations. Decisive Consulting solves the most challenging issues, including pricing, access, value, portfolio design, launch strategy, partnership strategy, and policy development.

Esther Nzenza

Strategic pricing is a multidisciplinary discipline and having high quality data and analysis for decision making is crucial. In Decisive Consulting, we have an extensive experience in designing global pricing strategies but we needed a technological partner. A partner with a global pricing database and capabilities to model potential scenarios considering the interconnected IRP environment. COGVIO was without a doubt the right partner!

One of the recent projects required a design of the global market access and pricing strategy for an original product after generics entrance. To understand the current pricing landscape, competitors' environment and the potential evolution of prices, a deep dive into the global data and understanding the dynamic and impact of the international reference pricing (IRP) was needed.

Example of a price forecast in the IRP Module

Example of a scenario comparison in the IRP Module


The project had to be delivered within a short timeline of one month. The client was a marketing authorisation holder with an original product in a genericised market. The client's need was to redesign the pricing strategy, understand the impact of the international reference pricing (IRP) and find opportunities for price increase and to mitigate the impact of the price erosion on company revenues.


“COGVIO bring a professional, accurate and high quality approach to all engagements”, says Esther Nzenza, CEO of Decisive Consulting. Since then, several joint projects have been initiated, including a global pricing strategy for an orphan medicine. “There is an incredible symbiosis between both teams in Decisive Consulting and COGVIO and we both share similar company values - client needs first” adds Pavel Svítil, CEO of COGVIO. Through releasing the joint power of our different, complementary teams we are able to offer more value to our customers and to truly unleash rebel thinking and ideas.

About Decisive Consulting

Decisive Consulting was created in 2020 and provides professional services in the area of Patient Access and Commercial Strategy. #teamdecisive have the lived experience of senior industry roles, coupled with razor sharp insight and can move swiftly from plans to actions. Decisive Consulting is ready to walk with their clients in implementing plans and programmes as well as developing the core strategies that drive them.


COGVIO is a technology and data science company focused on the development of digital tools and apps for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. COGVIO was founded in 2017 by experts from the regulatory environment, medical science, pharmaceutical pricing & market access with software developers and data scientists to create unique technology-driven solutions.