Data Consulting

Cogvio provides advanced data analytics and consulting services in the CEE region - mainly in the field of market access and market intelligence on the Czech and Slovak markets.

Do you need data support for negotiations with regulatory authorities or healthcare insurance companies? Cogvio cooperates with various companies, from innovative MAHs to big generic players as well as with the pharmaceutical associations.

What will be the impact of the patent expiry in a particular region? What is the impact of the parallel trade on my business? How should we model the patient access scheme? How... ?

Use our pharma expertise, advanced data analytical methods and detail knowledge of the local regulations.

How does it work?

  • Contact Cogvio
  • Tell us the issue you are struggling with and what data you have or need
  • Receive a feasibility feedback
  • Decide if you need one-time report or continuous access to tailor-made analysis in an interactive environment


Cogvio provides complex business intelligence analysis. Examples include an impact analysis of the parallel export or competitor/generic entrance to the market. Combined data from the key market players and open source form the regulatory bodies enabling a micro view in business intelligence.


Access detailed data from your market like you have never seen before. Request an advanced analysis of your product launch effect on the market. Examples include an analysis of the patient access scheme on total reimbursement in following years or a detailed view of a specialized center therapy.


Cogvio can support you in negotiations with national competent authorities or healthcare insurance companies. Examples include an impact analysis of the patent expiry on total reimbursement in following years.


Cogvio cooperates with pharmaceutical associations such as AIFP (Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry) and prepares data sources - e.g. for the public consultation of new legislation or guidance document.

Pharma and Healthcare Software Compliance and Development


Do you need any help with a vendor selection or audit your existing solution? Lost in GAMP, GDPR, HIPPA or patient data protection...?

With a team of experts in various aspect of software development and regulations, Cogvio provides a complex evaluation of IT systems for the pharmaceutical companies and healthcare segment.

What is an example?

We focus on software processing any medical data, such as patient registries, eCRF, safety databases, hospital information systems and others.

Why do I need this?

Such software is a subject of various regulations from strict data protection, quality assurance to various technological standards.

Tailor-made Solutions

Do you need a provider for an app/software development?
Cogvio team consists of experienced IT developers and experts to various regulations. We are always happy to cooperate on interesting projects! Be a partner, not a client!

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Cogvio apps

Price Monitor is an online database of medicinal product prices in Europe and a powerful tool for pricing managers. International reference pricing (IRP), competitor and market monitoring can be done with minimum time and effort!